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How it works we do everything

Your website will be built using pre-developed sections such as feature lists, contact forms and image galleries.

With your input we will design your pay monthly website using these sections or you can simply choose from our existing pages.

What are sections?
Web Design Isle of Man

Development process

Web Design Isle of Man
  1. Select a package


    This is a single page design that can contain up to 5 web sections


    Up to 4 main web pages such as homepage, about, services etc + unlimited blog posts

    Super professional

    Up to 8 main web pages, unlimited blog posts and many more features

    Just for you

    Contact us for a completely custom mobile-first website developed exactly to your needs.

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  2. Talk to us

    Call us or schedule a phone or Skype video call if we are not local to discuss your package selection and how wecan build your site.

    We can help you understand what pages you need and choose the best sections from our library to develop a quality website.

    Once you’re happy you will complete your subscription and we will begin work on your site.

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  3. The design and build

    With no upfront fee and no minimum contract term all you need to do is start your subscription. Once complete we will begine work on your site which is usually ready to go live within a week of commencement.

    Your pages will be made using our existing library of sections. This means we can design and develop at the same time which results in 2 benefits for you.

    1. It makes it super speedy as we can develop and design at the same time.
    2. This efficiency is what helps keep our costs so low and websites so affordable

Go Live

And that's it. Super simple and easy. The whole aim of Bytesize is to make it uncomplicated for small business or individuals to have a web presence that looks great without grinding a limited cash flow to a halt.

You don't need any knowledge about domains, hosting or development. It's all done for you so doesn't take any time out of you busy day.

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Website sections

Once you’ve chosen your package we will discuss which sections you want to include in your web pages. These sections often have multiple variations which are then tweaked to help create an individual design.

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  • Identity & navigation

    Choose where your brand and nav menu will be placed and it’s layout

  • Call to action

    Try and get users to take a significant step such as contact or signups

  • Staff profiles

    Show your employee images and brief bio along with an image

  • FAQ

    Display questions and answers to common queries in your business

  • Pricing tables

    Compare packages, features and prices for your services or products

  • Tabbed content

    A great way to show related content in a smaller area.

  • Maps

    A great way to show your location and for users to get directions

  • Testimonials

    Reviews are a great way to show your reputation and quality of work

  • Forms

    Great for getting contacted or to engage users for things like quotes

  • Animated counters

    Display eye catching statistics with a variety of animated graphs

  • Email sign-up

    Allow users to sign-up to a database and keep updated with offers

  • Image sliders

    Slide images, text or even videos in to view using arrow controls

  • Image carousels

    Scroll through multiple images at once on using left and right controls

  • Contact details

    Show name, address, phone or email of your business or employees

  • Social sharing

    Allow users to share content from your website on social channels