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Drive sales with SEO & online marketing

Grow your business online for your local markets, rank your site high with search engine optimisation and target specific demographics with high converting Facebook campaigns.

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Generate leads with the power of digital marketing

There are many ways to drive traffic to your site. The important thing is toget the right type of traffic. Your website needs to connect to the people who are ready to use your service and that can be via paid means using Facebook and Adwords or organically with SEO.

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  • Local SEO

    Being found in Google has never been more important. WIth over 5 Billions searches every month can you afford not to be found... or worse, hand business to your competitors.

    With our local SEO service we can connect potential clients with your site. People in your area who are searching for your service.

    We work to make sure you rank for relevant key phrases in your locality e.g. Emergency Plumber Manchester.

    On top of that it’s imperitive to also be seen in the Map Pack with Google My Business. This is the 3 visible listings in search engine results that appear with the map. These come above the organic listings and below any paid adverts and get clicks off around 30% of all searches.

    We ensure your onpage Seo is correct before moving onto offpage where your SERP positions will really gain traction.

    Do you really want that potential income to be going to your competition.

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  • Facebook campaigns

    Deliver adverts to receptive audiences and create campaigns around specific services to specific demographics.

    We create these campaigns for you with specific actions in mind. Whether you’re looking for people to sign-up to your latest webinar, attend a launch night or signing up to your new service.

    Every campaign is set-up with a sales funnel so users are sent to a dedicated landing page that reflects the advert. This clear connection is a primary factor for conversions and allows us to measure and improve the ads that are most effective.

  • Retargeting visitors

    Have you ever heard of the rule of seven?

    It's a marketing phenomenon that says a potential customer needs to see your message at least 7 times before taking action and converting.

    That’s were retargeting comes in. If a potential client has been on your site we can re-advertise to them via channels such as Facebook and Adwords.

    These people will see your message again and again until they are convinced. That’s some Darren Brown shit right there hey :) Apologies for the language but since you got this far down the page we’re going to be friends right!

  • Email marketing

    This is best utilised once you have established a relationship with the recipient.

    Email addresses can be collected via onsite sign-ups and from existing customers. If they’ve bought from you or used your service in the past then why wouldn’t they do it again?

    This maximises your services rather than reliying on finding new clients.

    We help collect and store those emails for you and then develop a plain or HTML email that we send. You will see the report of who opened, clicked what or bounced and best of all your list will self-clean.

    If a recipients email address is wrong or bounces back fro whatever reason it will be removed from the database meaning cheaper and more targeted email blasts in the future.

  • Google Adwords

    Adwords will deliver some of the webs most targeted traffic with laser like precision.

    It works for keyphrases but also for gelocation. If you use corporate lawyer as your term and a user searches for ‘hire a ‘corporate lawyer’ it will take into account the location of the search and deliver results accordingly.

    The issue many small business have is the quality of traffic being diluted by not stopping worthless results like ‘how much does a corporate lawyer earn’. You don’t want to pay for that traffic.

    At ByteSize this is taken care of and all traffic is sent to specially designed landing pages. These can be tracked so we can see which terms are most effective in converting into paying customers or other forms of success.

  • Social media

    A great way of monitoring public opinion and engaging in conversation.

    We can create these profiles for you and look after them or train you to do this yourself. Social media gives amazing opportunity to create helpful content and begin relationships or reply to negative comment.

    There’s not much more powerful in marketing than making an evangelist for your business out of a hater.